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Rumors are spreading fast around the internet yet again about a Leaked Celeb Sex Tape staring the self proclaimed Black Barbie Nicki Minaj.  This is not the first time rumors of a video with Nicki Minaj engaged in sexual activities has circulated, however this time I have confirmation from some reliable sources that this time around the tape does exist and it is indeed the Ebony Rap Star Nicki Minaj, fully Naked and getting down and dirty in what may be one of the hottest Homemade Celeb Sex Tapes to ever become public.

In the past Nicki Minaj has stated that she does not mess around with men but that she's not a Lesbian.  So who and what is Nicki Minaj getting naked with and fucking on tape?  Only time will tell, but as soon as the video is available, you can get it here first at Naked Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Naked Sex Tape

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Are you a fan of the Sexy Nicki Minaj and that Sweet Phat Booty that she rocks and wiggles around as she walks and performs.  Don't you want to just reach out and grab that Yummy Ass and bury your face in it and use it as a pillow... Oh fuck yes I know I do.  I don't care that her booty is fake or that she has had other cosmetic surgery performed as she strives for that perfect Barbie look, but with a Phat Black Booty. Just wait until you get to see her bouncing that booty in the rumored Sex Video... Nicki Minaj rocks and she knows it.
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Now we all know damn well that Nicki Minaj is a freak, some of the outfits she wears along with her wide range of wigs and freaky hair styles speak volumes... And it definitely has me wondering what this Ebony Babe would be like in bed and fantasies ofNicki Minaj Naked and rocking my cock.  While I may still have to wait for her to actually fuck me, I will at least be able to soon see her fucking some lucky person... But I have to say I'm half hard in anticipation of watching the Ebony Rap Star Naked And Fucking.
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